The Search for the Anonymous Dolphin



I was checking out the Soundcloud page of Sydney’s talented producer Wave Racer and discovered a new artist named Drippy Dolphin.  If you check out Drippy’s twitter messages, it would appear that this artist is a female.  This artist oddly talks about Wave Racer and Trippy Turtle A lot.  In Fact, Nest HQ did a mini-write up on the track “Oops” posted above and stated that Drippy was signed to Trippy Turtle’s FoFoFaDi collective.

I’m speculating that Drippy Dolphin is a collaborative effort between Wave Racer (he has a fascination with dolphins) and Trippy Turtle.  I do know that Trippy Turtle and Wave Racer have both had some tour dates around the U.S. over the month of March.  They will also be reunited this upcoming Sunday(April 6th)  for a show in Hollywood,CA at club King King.  Maybe they were cooking up some tracks while on tour together?

I cannot wait to see how this all unfolds.   In the meantime, give “Oops” a listen.  It features two cheeky throwback samples of some Pop Divas.



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